Our Story

We are a family of law-abiding, tax-paying, everyday people and we are in danger.

Our sister, Katie Riford (Buffalo, NY), was involved in a vicious custody battle for her two children. The children’s father, Peter Diarbakerly (Boston, MA), and his family have a documented history of physical and emotional abuse toward the children. Despite ample evidence of this abuse, the court granted Peter full custody. Fearing for their safety, Katie took her children into hiding instead to handing them over to an abuser. There is now a warrant out for her arrest.

We have long suspected an element of corruption behind the court’s decision. It is our assertion that Peter’s wealthy family used their influence and connections to affect the outcome of the case. In an effort to expose this corruption, we sought help from various organizations including the FBI, hoping to have the Judge’s decision overturned.

Our initial contact at the FBI, Agent Brian Burns (Buffalo, NY), appeared sympathetic to our plight, but ultimately unwilling to be of any actual help. We kept communication with him over the past several months until we discovered that he has been working against us the entire time. We dug too deep and found evidence of Burns’ involvement in illegal activities associated with the private investigation firm of Peter Vito and Associates as well as Customs and Border Patrol.

Our brother, Kevin Riford, has recorded audio evidence that Brian Burns plans to kill him.

Today our family is under constant surveillance from the FBI’s undercover civilian branch, INFRAGARD. We are being stalked, harassed, and terrorized by people that should be protecting us. We are deeply concerned for our family’s safety.

We have tried reaching out to local law enforcement, multiple lawyers, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, the FBI Albany branch, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, and the CIA. So far no one has helped us.

We never wanted to be whistle-blowers. We just want our family to be safe and made whole.

If any harm should come to the Riford or Little families, here are the names of who is responsible:

Mark & Regina Diarbakerly and their son Peter (Boston MA)

FBI Special Agent Brian Burns (Buffalo, NY office)

Peter Vito & Associates (Private Investigation Firm)

The “Honorable” Judge Erin Delabio (Niagara County Family Court)