FBI Burns Audio

This is a recording of Katie, Christina, and Kevin speaking with FBI Special Agent Brian Burns and Customs and Border Protection “Kelly Marshal” over the phone. This conversation took place in late 2018 following the car chase incident with Michael Mazga and Patrick Ostrowski from Peter M. Vito and Associates (also active Customs and Border Protection agents).

In April 2019, we re-listened to the audio recording and noticed Brian Burns was making comments to someone in the background. We isolated and slowed down the audio to definitively determine what was being said. We were shocked to discover Burns was making plans to kill Kevin.

***Updated with the full audio – August 2019***

FBI Special Agent Brian Burns & CBP Kelly Marshal Audio11/15/2018

5 min. 17 seconds- FBI Brian Burns states “bring a handgun”

17 min. 39 seconds: Brian Burns states “lock-pick the car”

20 min. 12 seconds: FBI Brian Burns states “Lets kill him” with Kelly Marshal replying “OK”.

17 min. 46 seconds: FBI Brian Burns states “investigate the grey car, over. its his sister”

FBI Special Agent Brian Burns – “Kelly Marshal” Inquiry

Call to the FBI to report Brian Burns

“Tell him you did good” A unknown male telling Brian Burns to tell Kevin “he did good”. Who is instructing an FBI Agent to make these statements?
Prior shady deal involving FBI Special Agent Brian Burns