U.S. Customs & Border Protection

If any harm should come to the Riford or Little families, here is who is responsible:

  • Mark & Regina Diarbakerly and their son Peter (Boston MA)
  • FBI Special Agent Brian Burns (Buffalo, NY office)
  • Peter Vito & Associates (Private Investigation Firm)
  • The “Honorable” Judge Erin Delabio (Niagara County Family Court)

Michael Mazga (Left), Patrick Olstrowski (Right): Active Customs & Border Patrol Employees

Katie Riford was being followed by a black pick-up truck. She called Kevin Riford, her brother, and told him about her suspicions. Kevin was studying for an audit test that weekend, but came out to Katies location to see if her hunch was true. Sure enough, Kevin was able to verify that a black pick-up truck was following her and at one point tailgating her. Kevin told Katie via phone, to get away, and he would call the police. Kevin did call the police and followed the black pickup truck, which took him all over town, and even to a border patrol location/headquarters. A blue-pickup truck joined in mid-way and then Kevin was sandwiched in between the black and blue-pickup truck. The blue pick-up truck was driven by Patrick Ostrowski, was confirmed to also be an active employee of CBP. All-in-all, two active Customs, Border, and Protection employees were moonlighting as Private Investigators, which was found out later. Katie was afraid that the black-pickup truck could have been a hit-man. Kevin stated ” I would not be able to sleep” if I did not know who was following my sister. Katie’s sister, Christina, decided it would be a good idea to go to the FBI. They talked to a Special Agent named Brian Burns who deals with public corruption & Kelly Marshal, who claimed to be with CBP internal investigations. To date, it is their believe that Kelly Marshal is a fictitious name. Who is behind the voice of “Kelly Marshal” is unknown.

Michael Mazga & Patrick Ostrowski Video

Michael Mazga & Patrick Ostrowski Video

Cheektowaga police report was requested via FOIL

Kevin’s 911 phone call above

This police complaint was created by Patrica (Vito) Hensley, daughter of Peter Vito (former head of Erie County Central Police Services) & Michael Mazga. This incident never occurred at an apple tree and never involved Patricia Vito.

Patrick Ostrowski returning the next day after the chase in a different vehicle (black) behind Peter Diarbakerly (grey)