CBP Audio

U.S. Customs and Border Protection #1

Months later, after the initial phone call with FBI Brian Burns and CBP “Kelly Marshal”, Kevin Riford calls Customs, Border and Protection to inquire on the status of the investigation. He calls a generic CBP hotline as he was unsure of how to directly contact Kelly Marshal. He was initially given the run-around and told they don’t have any information on the investigation, until he asked more probing questions, which eventually led to the CBP employee to agree to have Kelly Marshal call Kevin Riford back.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection #2

The same day as inquiry #1, Kevin Riford receives a phone call from a CBP employee named Jose Garcia. Kevin’s phone had a problem, so he told Jose to call him back, which he does. Jose states that Kelly Marshal works with him and that shes not available. Jose asks how he can help Kevin and more.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection #3

Roughly 1.5 months later, Kevin Riford calls CPB again, to talk to Mr. Garcia. He has questions to whether the investigation has officially closed and questions about Kelly Marshall. He calls the local CPB phone number, 716-834-8300. which Jose Garcia had initially called him at. He notices there is a prompt which allows you to “punch” in the last four letters of the person name to connect to their extension. He punches in the letters GARC and is connected to Jose Garcia’s voicemail, as no one answers. He leaves a voicemail with his name, requesting a return phone call. Roughly 30 minutes later, he receives a return phone call. Kevin states “Is this Mr. Garcia?” which the CBP employee states “speaking”. Kevin noticed immediately that “Jose Garcia’s” voice from phone call #2 doesn’t match from phone call #3. When Kevin asks the CBP agent if he knows of a person named “Kelly Marshal” you can hear the agent chuckle. Kevin questions his brief laugh, however his question is glazed over and the conversation proceeds. What you hear will surprise you.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection #4

While the Rifords had a hunch that Kelly Marsal was a fictitious name for a while, Kevin realizes that he can punch in MARS into the telephone prompt, as he did with Mr. Garcia, to connect to Kelly Marshal directly. He does. Unlike Mr. Garcia, Kelly Marsal comes up invalid. This reinforces the Rifords suspicion that Kelly Marshal is in fact a fictitious name. Kevin punches in MARS into the command prompt in order to connect to “Kelly Marshal”. He is acquainted with the response “subscriber ID not valid”.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection #5

At the end of phone call #3, Kevin Riford is told to call telephone #, 716-774-7200 to talk to “Mr. Garcia”, because he is the only Mr. Garcia that exists at that division, so it must be the other division. Kevin does call and “Mr. Garica” is unknown to that number ( 716-774-200), which is noted in the audio below.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection #6

CBP is called yet again, in attempt to discover what department “Kelly Marshal” works in. Needless to say, CBP attempts to dodge the question of who “Kelly Marshal” is. The CBP officer states “Kelly Marshal” is an CBP officer, who works in the Port of Buffalo.