The Arrest

Its is believed that because the Rifords reported the border patrol chase, as well as reported a Judge involved in Katie Riford’s custody case that Kevin Riford was falsely arrested. To no surprise Kevin Riford was arrested for second degree harassment for following someone in a public place, which is a violation in NYS. Kevin stated “I believe this is payback for everything that occurred in the past”. Kevin was detained at the Niagara County Holding Center ($100 bail) and had his vehicle towed ($293.76 impound fee). Kevin Riford is a senior at The University at Buffalo, in his last semester in the accounting program. He has no criminal record to date. Below is his account of what happened as well as supporting documentation, which includes audio and photos.

On February 15th, 2019, I was at my sister’s house in Kenmore, NY, getting ready to watch a UB bulls basketball game with my brother-in-law in the evening. About 10 minutes after arriving, I received a frantic phone call from my mother who was at home, roughly 30 minutes away. It was a call like I’ve never heard from anyone in my life, let alone my mother. She told me someone is knocking on the door very hard and they won’t stop in the most terrified voice I have ever heard from my mom. I told her to hide in a safe spot and I would call the police and be there as soon as I could. I hopped in my car and called the police. The police dispatcher asked me what my emergency and where was the emergency. They then transferred me to another dispatcher, I am assuming the town where me and my mom reside, in Wheatfield. The second dispatcher then asked what my emergency was, and I stated the above previously described. The police dispatcher then asked who I was. Initially I wanted to remain anonymous, but then I believe I gave my name, at which time he told me it was a police officer at our residence. The phone call ended, and I headed in the direction of my home. I was in front of Wegmans (a grocery store), on the Niagara Falls Blvd, located in Amherst, NY and received a phone call from a local area number, 716-438-3450. Not knowing who it was I picked up the phone. They asked me if I was Katie’s brother. I stated I would not identify myself, until I knew who it was. They then told me they were with the sheriff’s department and he was at my house in a irritated and rude voice. He asked me why I did not answer the door if I was inside, again in an irritated voice. I responded I was not even home and that he shouldn’t be making false accusations. He told me I needed to meet him at my residence, which I then stated I was at Colton RV, on the Niagara Falls Blvd, approximately 4 minutes from my house and I would meet there. I told him I didn’t want a scene at the house. He told me that I don’t call the shots in a loud voice, and then proceeded to hang up on me. I headed home and came around the corner where his car was running with visible exhaust vapor coming up with the rear lights lit up on his car. He then proceeded to drive away from the front of my house. I thought it would be a good idea to try to talk from him from his cruiser, away from the house, preferably down the street. I had followed him for roughly 4 minutes, at which point we both ended up on Kruger road, a two-lane road, with traffic going both ways. At this point he was ahead of me in the right lane, headed back towards the direction of my house, at which time he makes an abrupt U-turn, and is now facing my car. I roll down my window and wave my hand at his cruiser, at which time his window comes down with his cruisers spot light blinding my face. I stated I was Kevin Riford and asked him if he waned to talk. The officer then stated only if you want to cooperate this time. I drove up to a stop sign at Mavis and took a left down the road and pulled immediately to the right side. He followed me and then turned his cruisers light bar on, which flashed blue, red, and white light. He proceeds to get out of the car and came up the window. I had one of my hands on the steering wheel and the other visible resting on the door with the window fully down. I asked him what was going on, which he stated vengefully, Delabio gave Peter full custody today. I then stated we already knew that was going to happen. He seemed a little shocked at my response, perhaps even irritated. He then asked me where Katie was. I told him I did not know, and that she went into hiding. He told me lying was a crime. I stated it said she went into hiding on the papers I served to two attorneys earlier in the day. He asked me, which attorneys did I serve and what did I serve them. I told him, that I served both Jason Cafarella and Randy Margulis’s law office both affidavits. During this conversation, he continued to look into my car with his flashlight from the outside of the vehicle. I told him I didn’t have any rocket launcher, guns, or knives inside. He continued to ask me questions, at which point I noticed at least one, possibly two police officers come to the right side of my vehicle, with flash lights now looking into the inside of my car, as the officer who was questioning me already did. At this point I start to feel uncomfortable and ask the officer if I am being detained, or free to go. I noticed he looked over to officer to his right and his lips trembled in disbelieve that I had just asked that. He stated I was being detained. I asked for what and he could not give me an answer. I asked him a second time and received the same response. I then told him I would like a lawyer, at which point he asked me to call my attorney. I stated to him, there was no attorney I could call this late in the evening. He then proceeded to walk away from my car and went to talk to one of the officers behind my vehicle. I rolled up the window and called my sister to explain the situation. He came back quickly and started to knock on my rolled-up window at which point I told my sister I needed to go, and I rolled my window down. I then asked for the third time, if I was being detained or if I was free to go. He stated I was being detained, however, this time when I asked for what, he said for harassment, and that I was following him in a public place. He asked me why I was following him. I stated that he had called me on my cell phone to talk to me, he was in front of my house and I decided to talk to him, which he replied I should have called the non-emergency number if I wanted to talk to him. He stated he saw that I’ve called the non-emergency number before, so I should know how to do that. I asked him if he was serious, and he told me to get out of my car, which I did. He told me to put my hands behind my back, which I again did. When I had my hands behind my back and my wrists together to get cuffed, he then placed his hands on my wrist and told me to stop resisting, even though no such resisting had occurred. I was relaxed as a cucumber, as I knew I had committed no crime nor violation. I am sure his dash camera and body camera will show this. He then placed me in the back of his patrol car and got in the front of his vehicle. I asked him what I needed to do to not be arrested, which he stated it was to late. I was unsure of what it was too late for, as I did nothing wrong. Soon after, he told me that Peter Diarbakerly was going to go over my sisters house Christina. I wasn’t sure what to make of this, and to be honest I was shocked and scared for my sister and brother in laws safety. I then asked him if I could have my cell phone from my vehicle that was in my cup holder and he stated he didn’t know where it was, even though I had just told him.  My car was left running with the keys in the ignition and cell phone inside. He said my car was going to be towed, and he took me to the holding station. On the way to the station I feared for my safety, as he was the only one in the patrol car. He told me I was well dressed and had great communication skills. He stated that I watch too many police YouTube videos, which I stated I do not watch YouTube, but have taken some law classes. He also asked the question, why are you even involved in this, it has nothing to do with you. I was perplexed and why he would say I had great communication skills, yet I was in handcuffs. Fearing for my safety, I tried to make small talk with him in the car. I asked him if he had wife and kids, at which point he said he did. Quickly after his statement, he said well I did. I asked him what happened, which he replied they died in a car crash. At this point I felt like my sister and brother in laws safety was in danger, however, I could not do anything. I was charged a $100 bail fee at jail the same night and had to pay close to $300 in towing fees the next day to get my car back. All-in-all I was charged $400 for wanting to talk to the police officer who CALLED MY PHONE asking to talk to me in person. My rights were never read to me, or even implied to me. I have no doubt in my mind this was a personal arrest, done through Ms. Delabio for my family having her under pending Judicial review. I had no intention of alarming, harassing or annoying the officer. He was the one who called me. I have nothing to hide, and would like all police video footage to be released. I have a feeling the video will be found to not have been running constantly, and parts omitted.
Wheatfield Prosecutor: First Court Appearance

Wheatfield Judge: First Court Appearance

Wheatfield Prosecutor: Second Court Appearance
Wheatfield Judge: Second Court Appearance

Kevin went to The Town of Wheatfield Hall to reschedule his court date. Towards the end of the video, Kathleen threatens to call the police on him for having his phone out. The constable tells Kevin he needs all electronic devices away, even though he is in the front foyer of Wheatfield Town Hall which is accessible by the public.

Wheatfield Transcript Request

Kevin went a few days later to request a transcript at the Town of Wheatfield Hall. During his visit, the same constable who stated that Kevin could not record during his last visit, suddenly changes his story.

Wheatfield Audio Request

Kevin sought the audio for his court appearances. In his talks with a local attorney, he was told that he was in fact entitled to the audio and recommended that Kevin write a request for the audio. Kevin dropped this request off at the Town of Wheatfield Hall. However, what he thought would be a simple task would be quite the hurdle.

This is the exact letter Kevin was trying to get “stamped and received” by the Town of Wheatfield Court. As the letter states, if they could not grant his request, they should notify him via mail.