Misc. Audio

Kelly Custode – CPS

Kelly Custode (CPS) states she spoke with the supervisor (Jeanne Kratt). This directly goes against the transcript which Jeanne Kratt stated she had no information about this.

Despite Katie Riford’s efforts to bring to Child Protective Service’s attention of the neglect and harm that was occurring on the “supervised” visits, she is told “we don’t get involved when it comes to custody” by Kelly Custode.

Jeanne Kratt (“supervisor” of visitation)

When Katie Riford asks supervisor Jeanne Kratt why Peter Diarbakerly was laughing after dropping off the children, Jeanne Kratt responds “he just hit the curb”. Katie also asks why Peter parked next to her vehicle. Jeanne Kratt was well aware of the history of domestic violence from Peter Diarbakerly torwards Katie Riford.

Katie Riford Warrant Status Phone Inquiries / In-person conversation ( in order by occurrence)

Kevin placed a phone call to the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office to inquire about the status of Katie Riford’s alleged warrant. The NCSO’s employee states that they do not give that information to citizens. Kevin inquires further and is transferred to the State Police Barracks. The State Police Barracks states to Kevin that he could infact check the status of Katie Riford’s warrant if he came down to the location to retrieve the information in person.

Kevin Riford goes to the State Trooper Barracks and talks to an officer. The officer states its kind of a grey area, but eventually agrees to go “see what he can do” in regards to Katie Riford’s warrant status check. He comes back and at one point states to Kevin “that something popped up on his screen saying pending”.

Kevin calls a Bail bondsman to check the status of Katie Riford’s warrant. The bondsman states it is active.

Kevin calls the same bondsman back to ask what date the warrant actually became active. He states “they didnt give him much information over the phone and that they did not even provide a docket number”. To date, the Rifords have not received a copy of this warrant, even though the police have been to the Riford’s house numerous times. When Joanne Riford asked for a copy of the warrant, she was brought back a different document.

Anthony Cervi (Katie Riford’s 2nd lawyer)

Attorney Anthony Cervi Inquiry

Conversation between Katies previous attorney, Anthony Cervi. Katie, Christina, and Kevin Riford converse with Anthony asking him questions that pertained to Katie Riford’s case.