FBI & Infragard

We want to personally thank anyone who has cared enough to not only view this site, but to grapple with why and how the magnitude of corruption and collusion against one family could happen. Mark Diarbakerly is an FBI informant, just like the infamous “Whitey Bulger”. The FBI has been sitting on this situation, hoping that the many elaborate schemes they have concocted would somehow cover-up the mess that the Diarbakerly family made in an effort to steal my sister’s children.

If you recall, the Whitey Bulger case was an embarrassment to the FBI. However, the credible evidence in the Diabakerly case indicates criminal activity and unethical practices conducted by not only the Diarbakerly family, but local law enforcement, court officials and Infragard. And, this establishes for the first time in US history, direct FBI involvement, which is unprecedented.

Infragard would have never had the level of sophistication required for the Diabakerly case without the help from the FBI, which includes, but is not limited to: access to spying techniques/equipment; mobilization of Infragard members from various chapters nationwide; influence over multiple police agencies/state departments/town and family courts/financial institutions/insurance agencies/pediatrician groups/law firms/Verizon/retail stores/local residents/neighbors, etc.

The FBI made the Little family and Riford family targets within the Infragard community. What information was falsely disseminated to incriminate an innocent family with no prior criminal history? These are questions that may have been answered by the FBI/Infragard through comments made on Twitter, referring to the Riford family as the ‘Crime family’, ‘kidnappers’. (Please see tweet exchange).

Kevin Riford was the only target that the FBI and Infragard felt they could successfully bait into becoming the ‘angry/unstable person’. The audio with the town prosecutor, the video with thugs trying to taunt him illustrate a strong effort to paint an inaccurate portrait of a good man.

Additionally, a planned walk was scheduled on May 11, 2019, in a private residential neighborhood. (Please see the flyer delivered to Joanne Riford’s house) It just so happens, the path of the walk includes the very street where Joanne Riford’s house is located and where Kevin Riford resides. Don’t these walks usually happen at bigger outdoor areas, like a park or school. It also just so happens, the walk involves NF2 (NorthEast/New England/Massachusetts) and includes volunteer firefighters. Did they make this particular flyer up just for the Riford family. Kevin Riford stated that he saw a fire rescue truck passing out flyers to everyone else in the neighborhood. Did the neighbors receive something else? Are these more unethical FBI tactics being utilized to inflict psychological harm on the Riford family.

Jason Cafarella, the attorney for children, who went against his own client’s wishes is a volunteer firefighter and resides in Niagara Falls. Remember, Jason Cafarella is the same man, who was sued by the state of New York for wrongdoing in an investigation led by Governor Cuomo.

Infragard unearths dirt on their intended targets and when there is none, they make it. Baiting innocent people into doing things they wouldn’t typically do by relentless harassment, staging hoaxes (i.e. – the prisoners at the last court appearance for Kevin Riford). The media should FOIA the names of the prisoners who were shackled at the beginning of the audio recording. The ‘prisoners’ were in a room with a large window facing the parking lot, walking freely, so that Christina Little could see from her car that this was a hoax. Why would they be shackled for harassment charges? Was it an effort to intimidate and instill fear in Kevin Riford that this would ultimately be his fate, if he didn’t take the offer for an ACD.

Infragard members were instructed by the FBI to scrape the paint off their license plates, so that Christina Little could no longer collect evidence of the gang stalking that this group is known for and has been doing relentlessly to her family for the past several months. Infragard members protect their own by all means necessary, even when it is blatantly wrong. This is how they retain and recruit members, collecting dirt on their own members to make them do bad things to people even when they don’t necessarily believe it or agree with it.

The FBI is sending confidential mail to Christina Little’s house with matters pertaining to what appears to be Katie Riford’s HIPPA protected medical record (see attached). Is the FBI falsifying a medical document to make Infragard members believe that Katie is a bad parent and they’d be safer with the Diarbakerly family?

Additionally, a letter claiming to be an official SCJC dismissal was sent to Christina Little’s house and addressed to Christina Little in an unsealed envelope just before Mother’s Day. Why does the ‘SCJC’ letter refer to Christina Little as the complainant and not Katie Riford, who actually filed the complaint? Why does the address on the outside of the envelope have the ‘C’ missing from ‘commission’? Is it a mind game strategy to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the SCJC? All of this just seems ‘so bizarre’, but it’s called Zersetzung, a german method appreciated by the FBI during the 1960’s and 70’s.

Christina Little has had packages from the USPS, UPS and FedEx deliberately tampered with, phone calls rerouted, fraudulent charges to her credit cards, a neighbor discussing a personal situation openly and loudly mimicking a recent event experienced by Christina Little. These types of tactics are used by Infragard and the FBI to isolate their target and cause psychological harm. What they didn’t realize? The Riford/Little family is strong, loving, and loyal. They’ve made it this far and now need your help to go even further in uncovering the truth and doing what is right.

Dear media and concerned citizens, please expose what the FBI is doing by lying to Infragard members to do their dirty work, putting the needs of an FBI informant over the needs of an innocent family. Please take the torch and carry on the race to help Christina Little and her family to balance the scales of justice and shine a light on a growing concern in this country – ‘Elite Entitlement’.