Bank Incident

Erie County Sheriff’s Officer goes into Citizens Bank and comes back out in under 2 minutes, while Christina is in the bank.

Christina has been a customer of citizens bank for several years. Never having a problem or issue occur. She has had over-draft protection since the account was created. Suddenly, in May 2019, she is now having problems. These problems include a different phone number being associated with her account than usual. As well as her overdraft protection being eliminated. When she asked the bank representative, Joshua Snowden, he could not explain why it was removed, He makes remarks like “I can’t go that far back in time to see if you had over draft protection”, even though he would only have to go back a few months in time on his computer to see that she in fact did have over draft protection. Christina has all the supporting documentation proving that she did have overdraft protection. This documentation includes things like previous statements, etc.

The Bank Part I

The Bank Part II

The Bank Part II continued

This person is believed to be Mark Diarbakerly, in disguise, wearing a high grade silicone mask. In person, it looked relatively real. However, the eye cut-outs gave this mask away. You can hear this person ask for Joshua in the beginning of the bank part I audio above. This person has an accent and voice that resembles Mark Diarbakerly’s. This person leaves in their car before Christina left the bank to go home. When Christina comes back roughly 30 minutes later, this person appears at the bank again.

It is believed that this person is an FBI agent who walks around the corner.

It is believed that this person was part of the bank situation as well. He was parked in a different parking lot.

It is believed that this person was part of the bank situation as well. He was parked in the same parking lot as the person above.

The Erie County Sheriff’s vehicle circles the Citizens bank parking lot after dropping the officer off at the front door and ends up parking on the side of Christina’s car while she was inside the bank.

Who is Citizens Bank Representative Joshua Snowden?