Stingray Phone tracker

It came apparent that the Riford’s and Little’s cellphones were being tapped via Stingray Phone Tracker, which is available only to law enforcement officials. Kevin Riford discovered this early on. However, the perpetrators were caught in the act. Kevin Riford can be heard on the audio towards the end. He knew the Stingray was “rolling” while at Citizens Bank and thought it would be a great idea to leave his voice as a “finger-print”

Background story: Christina Little has been having multiple issues at her bank (e.g. a phone number listed on her bank account she has never used & overdraft protection removed). Christina has been to the bank a previous time to bring this matter to attention. The second bank visit, Kevin Riford (her brother) went with her.

Below is the audio from the stingray device that was able to be obtained while parked at Citizens Bank.

WKBW – Buffalo – Erie County – Stingray segment

“Aside from Erie County, the NYS Police Department is the only other agency that has that cell phone spying equipment in the state” -Kendra Eaglin (Channel 7 news, Buffalo, NY)