As a result of the whistle-blowing, an endless amount of surveillance has ensued. One of the many vehicles that come around their residence, slow down, and take pictures of the them. Sometimes they even give their family the middle finger while driving by. This intimidating, harassing behavior had been reported to Special Agent Brian Burns. However, to date, the FBI has done nothing in regards to the pleas to have this harassing behavior stop.

About 2 weeks after the Lisa Vito incident as SEEN HERE, Erie County CPS arrives at Christina Little’s door step in regards to an “anonymous tip”. Christina Little denies the Erie County CPS employee the right to access her home, which is protected by the fourth amendment (unseasonable search and seizure). However, the CPS employee persists and then states while raising his badge “this one here gives me the right to remove children” in spite.

However, the truth came out from the Erie County CPS caseworker. The caseworker stated “he was ready to close Christina Little’s case, however, Erik from Niagara County CPS stated to keep the case open”.

When Kevin (Christina’s brother) called Erik to see if this statement was true, Erik initially denies ever talking to the Erie County CPS caseworker. However, his story quickly changes when he realizes the conversation with Erie County CPS was recorded.

  • Why is Erik, who works for Niagara County CPS conversing with an Erie County CPS employee about Christina Little’s case?
  • Why did he tell the Erie County CPS employee to keep the case open?
  • Why did Erik initially lie about talking to this Erie County CPS employee?

6th visit from military helicopters in Buffalo, NY

CBP helicopter in Wheatfield, NY

The Riford’s have lived on Michael Drive since 1986. A “walk” has never occurred down their street until May 11, 2019. Jason Cafarella (the attorney for children) happens to be a volunteer firefighter.