Timeline of Events

  • November 2018

    Car chase incident involving “investigators” from Peter M. Vito & Associates Inc.

    Read more about the incident here

  • December 2018 – January 2019

    Continued family court sessions

    Katie Riford fires her lawyer, Anthony Cervi, for blatantly failing to advocate for her and her children  

    Katie submits requests for an order of protection to multiple sources, all of which are denied

    Listen to Katie’s requests for order of protection here

    Contact with FBI Special Agent Brian Burns in regards to Peter M. Vito & Associates Inc. incident

    Listen to the conversation here

  • February 2019

    Despite the ample evidence of abuse and request for order of protection, Judge Delabio grants Peter Diarbakerly a 3-day unsupervised visitation

    Katie Riford’s affidavit served to Randy Margulis (Peter Diarbakerly’s attorney), Jason Cafarella (attorney for children), and Lockport Family Court stating Katie and children are going into hiding, fearing for their safety

    Read the affidavit here

    Judge Delabio grants Peter Diarbakerly full custody of children

    Kevin Riford (Katie’s brother) is arrested for alleged violation of “tailgaiting” Niagara County Sheriff officer, Nick Faso

    See more about the arrest here

    Multiple police visits at Riford house

    See police videos here

  • March 2019

    Multiple visits from Child Protective Services at Riford house

    See the videos here

  • April 2019

    Christina Little’s (Katie’s sister) house under constant surveillance

    Christina Little confronts “investigator” in the street in front of her house

    See the police report and audio here

    Multiple packages from UPS arrived obviously tampered with at Christina Little’s house

    Christina and Kevin attempt to reach out to Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz

    See the Poloncarz video here

    Incident occurs in street while Christina and Kevin seek legal assistance in downtown Buffalo

    See the video of the incident here

    Kevin uncovers audio from FBI Special Agent Brian Burns plotting to kill him with Customs and Border Protection “Kelly Marshal”

    Listen to the audio here

  • May 2019

    Incident at Citizens Bank

    Read more about the bank incident here

    Christina Little receives visit from Child Protective Services claiming “anonymous tip”

    Read and listen to an audio snippet of threat here