Kevin’s Lawyer/NCSO Deleted Video

This Audio is of Kevin’s lawyer, Mike Dwan, hired to represent him. Ask yourself the following: Why wouldn’t the Niagara County Sheriff provide the dash and body cam footage? Why was town prosecutor, Matt Brooks , getting push back from the Sheriff in regards to releasing the video footage? Subsequently, why would the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office delete the video footage? There’s more to come………… the appropriate time.

“DA talked to Matt Brooks about your sister”
“Finder of Fact is pissed off at you”
“I am not sure if this man can”
“Going to get hurt”
“The world is fucking pissed at you”
“Martyrdom is dumb”
“You are going to make your life worse by trying to fix Niagara County”
“FOIL request is absolutely the incorrect way”