Below is audio of state investigators who visited The Riford’s residence in early 2019 regarding Kevin Riford’s e-mail he sent to Govenor Cuomo regarding the FBI. Kevin stated his email urged Govenor Cuomo to look into the audio in which FBI Special Agent Burns plotted to murder him. About eight months later, Cuomo was faced with sexual harassment allegations. The photos of the investigators will remain redacted until further notice. We have it on good word, more audio, etc. will be forthcoming.

“You had written the Govenor’s Office a email”
“Trying to follow up with the email that was sent to the Governor’s Office”
“We’re following up on this actual complaint that Kevin contacted the Governor’s Offce about”
“I was there in case something was missed, because obviously….the delicacy of this situation is a high priority for us, so….”