Inconvenient Truth

Attorney-for Children: Jason Cafarella
Text accidentally sent from Jeanne Kratt (children supervisor) to Katie Riford. Jeanne refers to Katie as “Miss miserable”.
AFC Jason Cafarella & Court (Judge Erin Delabio)
Attorney Randy Margulis – Petitioners Attorney
The Court (Judge Erin Delabio)

“Bias or the appearance of bias”

  • Deborah “Debbie” Walker – DeWitt is Judge Erin Delabio’s law clerk -> FB Friends w/ Cafarella & Margulis
  • Jason Cafarella is the Attorney for Children -> FB Friends w/ Debbie & Margulis
  • Randy Margulis is the Petitioners (Peter’s) Attorney -> FB Friends w/ Cafarella and Debbie
  • Patrick Ostrowski is a Customs & Border Patrol Agent who moonlighted as a private investigator. He was listed on a witness list & was expected to “testify” at court.

“Unclean hands of your client” – Judge Erin Delabio

Victim Shaming: the victim of an event is blamed, or partially blamed, for their own attack. Mainly used in context with rape, domestic abuse , sexual harassment and sexual assault, but can be applied to other situations.

Citizens of New York State can obtain an protective order against pets/animals.

Imminent danger ≠ Good cause

“The people who would call me an obstructionist overlook some inconvenient facts.” -Mitch McConnell

Credential Verification of “neutral” child supervisor Jeanne Kratt.

Jeanne Kratt is neither a LCSW or LMSW, which was verified with the NYS Office Of Professions.

– United We Stand