Peter Vito

It now makes perfect sense why Brian Burns & “Kelly Marshal” plotted to kill Kevin Riford. If word got out about the private investigator incident with active border patrol agents working for “Pete” Vito, there was a chance it could ruin Peter Vito’s opportunity of becoming the U.S. Marshal in the western district.

After catching Peter Vito & Associates’ private detectives who are active border patrol agents as SEEN HERE; Another incident has occurred, this time involving Peter Vito’s family. An unknown female at the time, now known as Lisa Vito, drove past Christina’s house multiple times on 4-27-19. During these drive-bys, she found it appropriate to give Christina & residents the middle finger. At first, Lisa Vito states she is Christina’s neighbor, which is absolutely untrue. Later, Lisa Vito states that Christina is unknown to her. Please see the report below for verification of the facts as we now know them.

Whats interesting is that a name is redacted next to Lisa Vito’s. Whose name is redacted next to Lisa Vito’s name? Who is being protected? Is he/she a federal agent?

Christina’s talk with the police

Kevin talks to the officer about why the unknown females name was being protected