Police Videos

Niagara County Sheriff First Visit 2-27-2019

Niagara County Sheriff Part I 2-27-2019: occurs approx. 10 minutes after first visit. Yes, two visits in a 10 minute time-span.

Niagara County Sheriff Part II 2 -27-2019

Niagara County Sheriff Part III 2 27 2019

Stephen Niagara County Sheriff’s Investigator Part I: Stephen claimed to help Katie Riford. In fact, he stated “he had no problem bringing charges on Peter Diarbakerly”. “However, the DA said there wasn’t enough to convince a jury” was stated by Stephen. You can hear Stephen from Niagara County Sheriff state “I’ve been trying to help Katie for years”. All abusive texts and photo evidence was presented, which can be seen in the affidavit.

Stephen Gaydos Niagara County Sheriff’s Investigator Part 2