Order of Protection

Order of Protection Requests

Kimberly Phelan (Court Referee) – Order of Protection Request #1

Katie Riford sought an order or protection against Peter Diarbakerly. Judge Delabio was unavailable at the time, so a court referee was brought in to review Katie’s reasoning for such order.

Judge Delabio – Order of Protection Request #2

Peter Diarbakerly’s Scheduled Phone Calls

Both of Katie’s children were sunburned after the supervised visit at the Buffalo Zoo. Peter Diarbakerly stated on the next scheduled phone call: “Oh my goodness, I could have used sunscreen”, as a way to taunt Olivia. The sunburn to both children was documented and is noted in Katie Riford’s affidavit.

One of the reasons Katie Riford sought an order of protection is because Peter Diarbakerly would constantly ask about her mothers location. Above is the audio evidence of this incessant location questioning.

Part 1: Further evidence of the location asking which occurred after the Customs, Border & Protection chase

A continuance of Part I above